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Dear Applicant

Thank you for your interest in working for JMS Cleaning Services. Please complete the questionnaire below which will enable us to get to know you. After reviewing your application, if we are interested we will call you to schedule a personal interview.

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  Tell Us About Your Work Preferences
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2. Please list your previous salary
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5. Do you have any schedule conflicts? (Example: Taking kids to school, evening classes etc). If so please explain *
6. Are you looking for full or part time work? ,,,,,
7. What shifts would work best for you? *
8. Are you available on Saturday or Sunday if needed? *
9. What means of transportation do you have? * ..... None
10. Do you have a working cell phone? *
11. Do you prefer working by yourself or with a team? Please explain why? *
12. When you hear the term "Green Cleaning", what is the first thing you think of? *
13. Do you have a problem working in a uniform? *
14. Do you have any allergies? Please list them. *
15. Can you stand on your feet for long periods of time ? * Other
16. Are you able to lift up to 25 pounds ? * Other
17. Does a change in routine upset you or are you a person that likes a set schedule? *
18. Can you commit to working with JMS Cleaning Company for a minimum of 1 year? *
  Tell Us About Your Work Ethic
1. What do you think are key attributes of being a model employee? *
2. Please list 3 positive comments about your work performance that you feel you received from your previous employer. *
3. What do feel are your best strengths as an employee? *
4. Please list areas that you feel you can improve in. *
5. If you were working with another employee and you saw them stealing, how would you handle the situation? *
  Tell Us About Your Cleaning Experience
1. Have you ever worked for a cleaning company before? If so list the NAME OF COMPANY / DATE OF EMPLOYEMENT*
2. What do you like most about cleaning? *
3. What do you like least about cleaning? *
4. What areas in a home or business fo you feel most people miss that a detailed cleaner would never miss? *
5. If you rated your self from 1-10 on how well you clean, what rating would you give yourself with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best? Please explain. *
6. Name 5 CLEANING TOOLS you must have to clean a home or business? *
7. What area in the home or business do you feel most people miss when cleaning? *
8. If you were cleaning for five hours and a Quality Control Supervisor reported to the job 15 minutes before the appointment was due to finsih and found several areas that you missed that you felt were done, how would you handle the situation? *
9. If a client was rude to you while you were working, how would you handle the situation? *
10. If your job assignment normally takes 3 hours (7pm - 10pm) to complete and you weren't feeling well or had to be somewhere by 10pm on a particular day, what would you do? Would you rush to complete it quicker, call in sick, tell the supervisor you have to leave early or stay to complete the full 3 hours? *
  Tell Us About Yourself
1. Have you ever been convicted of any type of crime? * .. ........Time Served
If yes, please describe the circumstances.
2. Have you ever been injured on a job? * ...
3. Do you speak and understand English? * ... ..... ..,.,Othe language spoken
4. Are you a legal resident in the U.S. with working papers? * ..
5. Do you have any health issues or injuries that may prevent you from performing janitorial duties that we require? * .
7. How do you spend your time off? *
8. If you could change one thing about yourself what would you change and why? *
9. What is most important in your life? Love, health, a good job or money? Please explain why. *
10. Tell us who is your role model and why. *
Thank you for your time in completing our online questionnaire.

*Note: All False statements or information on your Application and I-9 Documentation for Social Security Card, Alien Registration Card or U.S. Passport information are grounds for dismissal.

By submitting this questionnaire, I certify that the facts set forth in this application for employment are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that if I am employed, false statements on this application shall be considered sufficient cause for dismissal. This company is hereby authorized to make any investigations of my prior educational and employment history. I understand that employment at this company is "at will," which means that either I or this company can terminate the employment relationship at any time, with or without prior notice, and for any reason not prohibited by statue. All employment will continue on that basis. I understand that no supervisor, manager, or executive of this company, other than the president has the authority to alter the foregoing.

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